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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sexy Pics of Sarah Palin

Everybody is aware that sex sells, even in the political arena. It is a weakness in the human condition which is exploited often. And yes, I am exploiting it now.

Shorty after Sarah Palin had been named John McCain's running mate I published a post entitled Bikini Pics of Sarah Palin, and shorty thereafter, Bikini Pics of Sarah Palin: Update. These two posts generated an enormous number of daily hits at the time. The pictures of Sarah Palin shown here have made the rounds on the web since before the election. Both are photoshopped fakes. Nevertheless, I still get a few hits a week to those posts.

But, as they say, 'I have good news and I have bad news'. That was the bad news. The good news is that things have changed significantly. The current state of political discourse my seem grim, but there are reasons to be hopeful. Americans have become much more engaged and informed, and much of the information that they are getting, they are actually seeking.

In reviewing the keyword search details for this blog, I was pleased to discover that 53% of all keyword searches are associated with the details of HR 3200 which have landed searchers on Obama Health Care Plan Details. Even better; 25% of all keyword searches land folks on DSA Members in Congress.
It is the precise wording of those searches which is very telling. Here are a few;
  • dsa members of congress
  • nancy pelosi and dsa
  • Members congress DSA scrubbed website
  • Al franken DSA
  • Congress DSA
  • members congress DSA

It is obvious that these individuals want to know who the socialists are in our government. In addition, many of the page loads for that post came from a link which was placed in a discussion at a social networking site, the comment section of a blog, or an e-mail which someone was sent. Even though The Patriot Page does not generate a whole lot of traffic, and since I am a optimist, I prefer to view these things as an indication of a broader shift in American political thought.

And now, on a somewhat disturbing note, I must report that a small minority of keyword searches were from individuals looking for pictures of Nancy Pelosi in a bikini. If they are out there, and you have had the misfortune to have actually seen them, I sincerely hope that the loss of your eyesight will only be temporary.


Unknown said...

They were destroyed...Immediately after Nancy tried to submit an amendment to the health car reform bill to include complete makeovers..

Sandee said...

I don't ever want to see Nancy Pelosi let alone in a bikini. Barf.

I ♥ Sarah Palin.

Have a terrific day. :)