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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hey, Obama! How Can You Be Deaf With Ears That Big?

Candidate Obama said that we should judge him by the people that he surrounds himself with. We did as he asked! We looked at the people that he surrounded himself with and decided that he was a socialist. We looked at his agenda and decided that he most certainly was a socialist.

Once he was elected, he and the Democrats in Congress began to implement that socialist agenda. We the people protested, we called them, we wrote them, we e-mailed them, and we have confronted them face to face at town hall meetings. At no time have they taken us seriously. They have called us 'racists', 'right wing extremists', 'nazis', 'GOP tools', 'teabaggers', 'astroturf' and 'liars'. They have ignored us, dismissed us, and demonized us. And yet, we have not gone home, we have not given up, and we have not backed down, not even one inch.

Today the people turned out for the largest protest to date. Hundreds of protests across the nation with a march on Washington DC as the centerpiece. Michelle Malkin is reporting the nationwide numbers to be close to 2 million people. In Washington DC alone, the numbers were in the tens of thousands, (as the pictures below will attest to). The 9/12 Rallies were a huge success, but the deafness of Washington has infected the MSM as well. Very few news outlets have felt today's events rose to the level of being 'news worthy'.

Our President and our legislators are playing a dangerous game with our lives, and our future. Many times in the history of the world, leaders have felt comfortable ignoring the dissatisfaction of the people. More often than not, it has not turned out well for those leaders. So, we are asking Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid, and Ms. Pelosi;

CAN YOU HEAR US NOW? If you can't, you would do well to start!


Chuck said...

Candidate Obama said that we should judge him by the people that he surrounds himself with.

You do and your called a racist

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting these rallies..Because as you said most national news sources as you said left them out of their reporting...

Chuck Spare me..

da patriot said...

Chuck, they can use that race card until they wear it out as far as I am concerned.

Greg, There is suppose to be a 'massive' pro-healthcare rally (Dailykos's words, not mine)in DC today. It was suppose to start at noon. I cannot find any coverage of it at all. Must not have been too 'massive'.

One Creative Queen said...

Great post. I love the picture and the captions you made. I think you did great on this post...Obama should read it and take note. xx