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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pro-Heathcare Rally? What Rally?

There was a pro-health care reform rally today in Washington DC. It was to start at noon and continued till 5:00 PM. If you did not hear about it, that is probably because nobody really covered it. Fox News Channel mentioned it briefly, and even showed a short video clip. The showing was so small by comparison to the massive anti-big government rally yesterday, that apparently, nobody in the MSM felt that it was even worth so much as the brief mention which Fox graciously gave it.

The 9/12 March on Washington rally yesterday was so huge that even MSNBC not only reported it, but estimated the numbers of attendees in the hundreds of thousands. Check out the video below.

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Of the massive showing by tea party protesters yesterday, White House senior adviser David Axelrod said today that the 'tea party movement' does not represent the majority of Americans who support health care reform. Really, Mr. Axelrod! Hundreds of thousands of people from across the nation got up off their butts and traveled to Congress' door step to protest against it yesterday, while fraction of that showed up today to support it, and you, Mr. Axelrod, can make that statement with a straight face? I've got news flash for you, Mr. Axelrod! Perception is everything!

UPDATE: Daily Kos bemoans dismally small turn out. 09/14/09

A contributor to the Daily Kos website estimated the numbers at the pro-healthcare rally yesterday at anywhere from 500 to 1000 participants and blames the NFL for dismal turn out. Hey, check it out yourself, I couldn't make this stuff up. Here are a few shots from the rally.


Chuck said...

The MSM didn't cover it because it is embarassing to the left and Obama. If the tea party crowd was that small they would still be covering it Thursday

da patriot said...

LOL! You nailed that one, Chuck!

Rob said...

I was following this on some RSS feeds, and was interested to see that many of the mainstream media outlets didn't give the tea-party much consideration, but the BBC did (it was top of the news list at the time.)

Sandee said...

This is amazing. This is excellent. We are silent no more. Thanks for this excellent post. :)