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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Personal Introduction

Since this is a political blog, I will confine my comments to my political ideology and how it developed. Since the Vietnam war was in full swing during my teenage years, I was not unaffected by the political upheavals that were going on in the U.S. While in high school, I came under the influence of a teacher (ironically, my American Government teacher) who was a marxist. She exposed me to the Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx as well as other Marxist writings. I became convinced that Marxism, as an economic system could bring utopia to the U.S.

During the election season of 1972, I volunteered to work for the local democratic party headquarters to help elect George McGovern, whom I viewed as the first viable marxist candidate for President in American history. When I turned 18 in 1976, being fully aware that the Marxist wing of the Democratic Party had taken over the leadership thereof in 1970, I registered to vote as a Democrat, and voted for Jimmy Carter. When Carter won the election, and since the congress was also controlled by the Democratic Party, I was expecting great prosperity in the U.S. Oh, to be young and stupid!

President Carter's administration brought anything but prosperity to the American people. In addition, the tendency of marxist to support America's enemies and oppose it's allies was very troubling to me. By the middle of Ronald Reagan's second term in office I was thoroughly convinced that marxism was fundamentally flawed. Everywhere in the world that marxism had been tried, it brought nothing but want and death. From that point on I have been an avid supporter of the conservative cause in the United States and a staunch anti-communist. And, to that end, I hope through this blog to do my small part.