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Monday, September 29, 2008

Pelosi Plays Politics and Loses

The 700 billion dollar bailout bill went to the House floor for a vote today. It was expected to pass, although narrowly. But prior to the vote Nancy Pelosi, the most mentally challenged House speaker in American legislative history, went to the House floor to play politics. Here is the video of what she said.

The vote failed to pass the bill 228 to 205. Twelve Republicans who were expected to vote in favor of the measure flipped and voted against it. In the aftermath of the vote Democrats continued to play the blame game and excoriated the 12 Republicans who had flipped because their "feelings were hurt". This, dispite the fact that Democrats could have passed the measure by themselves if it were not for the fact that 95 Democrats voted against it as well.

Republican Rep. Mike Pence had this to say;

“Today Congress took a stand for the American taxpayer and free markets. The American people rejected this corporate bailout and today the People’s House did likewise.
“It is now imperative that Congress come together and develop a response to the crisis facing our financial markets that reflects the American people’s belief in personal responsibility and fiscal discipline.
“There are alternatives to the massive federal bailout that Congress rejected. I look forward to working with my colleagues in both parties to develop a response to this crisis that puts taxpayers first and preserves the essential freedom of the American marketplace.”

But, where was the Messiah, the crowned prince of change, Barack Obama? Was he in Washington trying to get support from the other 95 Democrats that were not on board? Did he offer any suggestions which might make for a more palatable bill, both to the American people or his colleagues in the House? Did he even make public his feeling about the bill and how he intended to vote on it? None of the above! He was out on the stump polishing his phony Presidential Seal.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder

Check out this video of San Fransisco peace protesters.

The President needs to send a full battalion of psychologists into San Fransisco now.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New York Times is Clueless

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the only U.S. civilians ever executed for espionage, were convicted in 1951 primarily on the testimony of Ethel Rosenberg's brother, David Greenglass and his wife, Ruth. The Rosenbergs were accused of persuading Greenglass, who worked at the Los Alamos, New Mexico, atomic bomb development facility, to divulge design details for the implosion device needed to trigger the bomb, which the Rosenbergs then passed to the Soviets. Also convicted along with the Rosenbergs was fellow conspirator, Morton Sobell, who was sentenced to 30 years.

The conviction of the Rosenbergs outraged the American Left. The Rosenbergs had been communists since the 1930's, so there was the predictable charges of malicious prosecution based on 'red' paranoia. For over forty years the Left has staunchly maintained that the Rosenbergs were innocent.

Belief in the innocence of the Rosenbergs began to fade in the 1990's. The first blow to the 'exonerate the memory of the Rosenbergs' crowd came with the publication of an expanded edition of Nikita Khrushchev's memoirs in which the former Soviet premier said that the Rosenbergs "provided very significant help in accelerating the production of our atom bomb."

Then, in 1995, the National Security Agency began to declassify files from the Venona Project.

These files, like the one pictured at right, along with biographical details, implicated Julius Rosenberg beyond credible contradiction. They reveal that Julius Rosenberg, code named 'Liberal'- I'm not making this up-was actively engaged in the acquisition of U.S. atomic secrets and was an energetic recruiter for the Soviets.

Morton Sobell served 18 years of his 30 year sentence. Throughout those years, and in the face of all of the revelations that I've just recounted, Sobell had maintained his innocence. However, in a recent New York Times interview, Sobell finally came clean.

There is nothing really very surprising about this but for the way in which the Times reported it;
"In 1951, Morton Sobell was tried and convicted with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg on espionage charges. He served more than 18 years in Alcatraz and other federal prisons, traveled to Cuba and Vietnam after his release in 1969 and became an advocate for progressive causes.
Through it all, he maintained his innocence. But on Thursday, Mr. Sobell, 91, dramatically reversed himself, shedding new light on a case that still fans smoldering political passions. In an interview, he admitted for the first time that he had been a Soviet spy. And he implicated his fellow defendant Julius Rosenberg, in a conspiracy that delivered to the Soviets classified military and industrial information and what the American government described as the secret to the atomic bomb."

Once again, the Times writers and editors prove that the New York Times is behind the times.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Bikini Pics of Sarah Palin: Update

In a previous post I reported that the Left was diligently searching the Internet for the Miss Alaska swimsuit photos of Sarah Palin. They searched in every nook and cranny of the Internet and put the word out on various want lists. It looked as though they were going to come up empty handed for a while. Then, finally, the photo to the right turned up on The Huffington Post.

And, WHAT A PICTURE! The Left could not have asked for a better photo even if they had made it themselves. John McCain's VP, in a patriotic bikini, holding a GUN, and wearing a crazed expression. And check out the two guys behind her. One is drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette and the other is also in possession of a firearm. And one has to ask, especially if you are a member of the Left, what is she doing hanging out with these two guys? Where is her husband? Is he the man with the gun? This picture proves that she is reckless, loose, and not the type of person the right-wing fundamentalist Christians should be supporting. Yes. This is more than the Left had hoped to find when they embarked upon their quest for a swimsuit photo.

One problem! It's a fake! The Left did make it themselves. Here is the original.

And this of course, is the photo from which the manufacturer of this fraud took the face of Gov. Palin. Curiously, the expression on her face does not look so crazed without a gun in the photo.

So, what is the big deal? Even if they found an actual photo of Sarah Palin in a swimsuit, what difference would it make? Everybody wears a swimsuits. Even fundamentalist Christians go swimming and they wear swimsuits when they do. Even Bill and Hillary have been photographed in swimwear. Maybe, it is a modesty issue? Hillary is wearing a one piece in the photo after all. What if she had been wearing a bikini? Would it have damaged her career, I mean beyond what damage she does every time she opens her mouth?

But, a fake photo! That can't do any damage at all. In the Liberal world where lies are truth, and truth are lies, it does. Remember the left-wing battle cry;

"The nature of the evidence is irrelevant, it's the seriousness of the charge that matters".

Well, in that case! Obama's career is over!