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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kool-Aid Drinkers Beg Forgiveness

A new Zogby poll conducted from Aug. 28-31 puts Obama's job approval number at 42% and his disapproval number at 48%. The poll indicates that declining support among likely Democrat voters is a leading factor. In this most recent poll, approval of the job Obama is doing among Republicans (8%) and Independents (37%) were only slightly down from the previous poll taken on July24. However, the approval of Obama's job performance among Democrats is down 13% from the previous poll.

The poll also found;

  • 17% give Obama an excellent job rating, 25% rate him good, 16% fair and 41% poor. Combining the two highest and lowest rankings shows 42% rating Obama positively and 57% negatively. (This is the standard Zogby International has used for many years in measuring job performance.)

  • Likely voters are closely split on whether they have a favorable opinion of Obama, with 50% favorable and 48% unfavorable. Democrats are more positive about Obama personally than they are of his job performance, with 85% rating him favorably.

  • 52% of all likely voters are proud to have Obama as President, and 35% are ashamed. The percentage of those proud is unchanged from six weeks ago.

  • A majority of likely voters (53%) believe the U.S. headed in the wrong direction, with 38% saying right direction.
      • Voter remorse syndrome is really beginning to take hold. There is even a web site, a kind of former Kool-aid drinkers support group. I am sorry I voted for Obama was begun at the beginning of August and now has more than 2000 remorseful signers. Here is a sample lament from someone in Camden, New Jersey which was posted today;

        "I voted for Obama, even though I am a staunch conservative. Why? Because McCain was the worst possible Republican candidate they could have chosen. I wanted the GOP to get a wake-up call. Instead, I got a wake-up call. The message? No matter how bad a Republican candidate might be, he/she would at least be in favor of the USA and it's freedoms. Instead we got a radical, racist, Marxist who is intent on destroying the principles on which this great nation was founded. I am so sorry I voted for Barry. Even Hillary would have been better."
        Hind sight is always 20/20! I suppose for some, there may be additional pain that they may have to endure beyond the remorse.

        In reality, those who voted for Obama need not don sackcloth and ashes. It is not entirely their fault. The socialist wing of the Democratic party has been in the leadership thereof for more than a quarter of a century. America should have had this debate a long time ago, long before we found ourselves on the very brink of losing our republic. If America truly learns from this experience, the Democratic party is finished as a political power. If not, America may be in for a very long and painful struggle.


        Chuck said...

        There have been some who have been sympathetic to those who voted for Obama, I am not one of them. One thing about Obama, he did say he was going to screw us during the campaign. He did not give an indication of how badly he was going to do it but he did promise to mess the country up. All one had to do was listen.

        da patriot said...

        No doubt, Chuck. Voters knew, or should have known what he was all about. Many voters, especially Democrats were laboring under some sort of delusion. My democratic friends were very excited for amonth or so after the election, however, they have now become strangely silent on the subject of the Obama Presidency.

        Chuck said...

        Agreed. I work with a guy who is a die hard Dem and an Obama supporter. We all rag on each other about politics on a friendly basis. He has been real quiet lately.

        Sandee said...

        I didn't vote for Obama, and I don't care for McCain either. I still voted republican. I felt I had to. I see your point though. He was just too radical for me to even consider.

        Have a great day. :