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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is Obama's Auto Task Force Responsible for Dealer Closure List?

It seems that there is a disturbing trend in the Chrysler Dealer closure list. WND is reporting that of the dealers slated for closure who made political donations in the November 2008 elections, 90% gave substantial amounts of money to Republican candidates or GOP organizations.

When one examines the list of donating dealers on the chopping block, 56 made donations to the GOP, while only 7 made donations to Democrats. Wait, it gets even better! Of, those seven dealers who gave money to Democrats, five gave substantial amounts ($2,300 to $4,600) to Obama's Democratic rivals. There are only two dealers who gave donations to Obama, in amounts of $200 and $250.

It seems clear that in Il Douche Obama's America, you have to pay to play.

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Thomas Lawrence said...

Why am I not surprised? Despite his compassionate head tilts and his cosmopolitan reputation, Barry is lttle more than a Chicago punk.

Serenity NOW!