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Monday, May 4, 2009

100 Mistakes vs. 100 Million Dollars

Now that Comrade Obama has completed his first 100 days in office many have been pointing out how bumbling and error prone the 'Messiah-in Chief' has been so far. The New York Post piece entitled 100 Days, 100 Mistakes was especially brutal.

So what has George W. Bush been doing in his first 100 days since leaving office? Why, he has raised $100 million in 100 days for the Bush Library. Now wait just a minute. How is this possible? They said that 'W' was the worst President in a hundred years. They said he was the most unpopular President in modern history. So how is it possible for the worst President in 100 years to raise $100 million in 100 days for a library dedicated to the most unpopular President in modern history during worst economy since the 'Great Depression'?

The defiance of logic presented by this proposition is certainly not lost on the 'Huffers' over at the Huffington Post. Amid the nasty spew which typifies the 'Huffers', are a few expressions of utter disbelief. Here are a few of the comments which were posted in the first few hours;

"Why do I not believe this story? Sources close to Bush told Time they had raised $100MM. The lies continue unabated."

"I don't believe it. Where is the list of donors?"

"This is absolute fabrication. Where's the evidence, the list of donors? It would be a lot more believable, if the claim were that Bush has chosen to use $100 million of the billions "lost" during transfer to Iraq."

"I don't believe it. Those people lie about everything. They are trying to save face because W is such a loser."

"Republicans are very good at funneling money, moving and hiding money, what a joke! he raised the money."

Oh, those poor deluded "Huffers". They would not know reality if it sat in their lap and called them 'Mommy".

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Thomas Lawrence said...

I love the "funneling money" comment. All the while Comrade Barry is taxing America into oblivion.

Those huffington puffinton readers crack me up. They'll still be bashing W from their wheel chairs.