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Friday, July 4, 2008

Obama is 'Dr No!'

A new McCain campaign ad dubs Obama as Dr No, complete with James Bond theme music.

With respect to energy independence, the 'yes we can' candidate is rapidly becoming the 'no we can't' candidate. This will add up to a big 'yes we can' for the GOP. Recent polls show that Americans overwhelmingly support U.S. energy independence. On this our nation's Independence Day we need to begin a revolution which will result in energy independence for us now and secure a prosperous future for all Americans. We have plenty of oil in this country that we are not being allowed to utilize. In addition, the U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of coal. Adolf Hitler conquered territory larger that the continental U.S. without a single oil well. He did it through the gasification of coal. Vehicles which burn gas derived from coal yield fewer tail pipe emissions which will lead to better air quality. Coal gasification can also be used to reclaim decades of coal waste.

Barrack Obama opposes new drilling, coal gasification, nuclear energy, new refineries, and the extraction of oil from oil shale. In fact, the only thing that Obama has said that he is in favor of, is raising gasoline taxes to encourage conservation. Barrack Obama is Dr. No and America needs to say no to Barrack Obama.

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shea said...

I'm not happy with Obama or McCain as Candidates, It seems somehow the two worst have risen to the top,.....
Don't say that I'm not a patriot,
I love my country, I joined the military after 9 11 in Dec and served over 5 years, with a 16 month tour in OIF, it was too much, too hard on my family, so I left last year, I just wanted to tell you that so that you don't think I am some liberal harvard grad..........etc you know what I'm saying Mr right wing republican man
lol ....sorry, thanks for your comment on my blog, but I just got the feeling that you took me for some communist, I'm middle of the road brother, moderation, freedom, and lately we've been losing a lot of freedom, if only for now in the law books