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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Impeachment is D.O.A.

On July 11th, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hinted that the House Judiciary Committee may take up Dennis Kucinich's articles of impeachment against George W. Bush. House Republicans have been looking forward to having the debate on impeachment since Kucinich first introduced them in a four hour tirade on the House floor. A quick review of the 35 articles reveals them as a collection of accusations supported by subjective opinion rather than objective facts.

But, as much as confident Republicans and Bush-hating Democrats would love to have the Committee take up impeachment proceedings, it is not going to happen. On July 15, the House voted 238-180 to dispense with the notion of moving forward on impeachment. In it's place, Democrats are planning an election year 'dog and pony show' consisting of hearings on the question of Bush's reasons for going to war in Iraq. These hearings, possibly televised, will likely trot out scholars ( like Cindy Sheehan), experts ( like Rosie O'Donnell), and other administration critics ( basically, the other usual suspects) to testify at will as to President Bush's abuse of power.

I am sure that the American people will view these hearings as critically important as they shell out thousands of dollars to fill their heating oil tanks just before the elections. In recent years , with so many Republicans bowing out of the fight, I am forced to rely on the stupidity of Democrats. It has already been one of the most interesting and entertaining election season that I have witnessed, and it holds out the promise of getting even better.

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shea said...

They haven't and they will not impeach President Bush. Why would they? There is very little difference in the parties these days other than gay rights, abortion, and things like that; that are somewhat insignifigant in the over all picture of America these days. The Democrats try to leave out God, and the Republicans claim to be messengers of God, while both are adamantly fighting against the laws of God in one way or another. Our govt. has been corrupted by evil as has the rest of the world. The appocolypse is on it's way. May God help us all.