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Friday, November 21, 2008

US Senator Al Franken, By Hook or By Crook

Conservatives may have thought that it would be a cold day in hell when Al Franken, the buck tooth moron, would become a U.S. Senator. Al Franken is a far left socialist, a scumbag, and a liar. I personally thought there was no way, even in Minnesota, that someone like Franken could win a Senate seat. Well, it has been unseasonably cold of late, especially in Minnesota.

Consider the following quote reported in the Minnpost,

Even the observers and lawyers have been instructed by their respective campaigns to not talk to the media. But Minneapolis lawyer Bill Starr, who is volunteering for the Franken campaign, was willing to say a few words. He said he thinks Franken will prevail.

His hunch is based on a theory he has."People who voted for Coleman are more likely to have taken the SAT in their lifetime," he said. "They've filled in circles. Franken voters are probably not college-educated. They're new voters and immigrants. They've been brought in by groups like ACORN, from the inner cities. They're more likely to make mistakes. I've bounced this off of minority people, and they agree with me."

It does not get much colder than this, but this has to be a first. Democrats like to think of themselves as the smartest people in the room. Perhaps they are now willing to admit that this characterization is not altogether reflective of the reality. Franken, however, is less optimistic. He is working hard to manufacture as many votes during this recount as possible, and challenging Coleman votes for the flimsiest of reasons. Take this ballot for example.

Reason for the challenge? Because there is both an 'X' and a 'squiggle' in the bubble. The argument is that the voter intended to cancel their vote and leave the voting booth with no vote at all for Senator. Absurd! If the voter wanted to cancel this vote, all they needed to do was obtain a fresh ballot. Where paper ballots are used, this is a option which is clearly posted in the booths.

With only 18% of the ballots counted so far in the recount, Franken is closing the gap, from 215 to 174. The Star Tribune reports that;

Campaign monitors from both sides had challenged a total of 269 votes statewide, with Coleman observers disputing 146 ballots while the Franken camp challenged 123.

If that pace continues, challenged votes could wind up being a major factor in a race where the margin is down to hundreths of a percentage point. Challenged votes will be set aside until mid-December, when a five-member state Canvassing Board will review them individually.

I can't imagine that this guy as a US senator, but if it were to happen, how much of a boon could it be to the Republican party in 2010?


cube said...

The republican party doesn't need a franken-boom now or in 2010. I'm sick & tired of people thinking we need to destroy the republican party to save the republican party.

What we needed were enough people on our side voting for the republican candidate. That didn't happen. Perhaps it was because we allowed the primaries to be corrupted by letting democrats vote for OUR candidates which is how we ended up with McCain, our most liberal conservative.


If it's true that 40% of the evangelicals stayed home on election day, then I will be the first one to wish them a happy first day in obamaville.

Chuck said...

I agree with Cube. What the Hell were the evangelicals thinking? Now they get abortion on demand up to the due date, gay marriage, and loss of religious freedom. Good luck.

da patriot said...

Cube, the American people just took a hard left turn. They knew, or should have known that Obama and the Democrats are socialists. It is water under the bridge now. If America needs a lesson in how destructive the ideology of the modern Democratic Party can really be, then I for one am in favor of it being one which will be well remembered. Al Franken can be a big help in realizing that. Aside from the lessons that Americans need to learn, the Republican Party needs to see a great advantage to returning to their conservative roots. The conservative base which stayed away from the polls because they were not given a candidate they could support will return. There is a lot of work to do. If all goes the way in which we all fear that it will, then there are clear advantages which can be gleaned in the end. Remain on offence and remain optimistic. Conservatism can prevail.