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Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Socialist Taking Over Our Country"

The Presidential Debate last Tuesday night was supposed to be in a "town hall meeting" style. It was a real snoozer! The problem was that the questions were too heavily screened. McCain does exceptionally well in a real town hall style forum and had the debate been a more impromptu format, John McCain most certainly would have won it handily. The video below is from a real town hall meeting recorded earlier today in Wisconsin.

Certainly this type of lively interaction between the audience and the candidates is something that the Democrats wanted to avoid. Obama is ahead in the polls and they just needed to maintain the status quo. Tom Brokaw's performance as moderator was very helpful to that end. The tight constraints that Brokaw insisted upon hampered real debate and forced the candidates into a positions in which each was giving miniature stump speeches.

With regard to the comments by the angry man in the video, he absolutely hit the nail on the head. The socialist are trying to take over our country and Barack Obama has an agenda which will take us further to that end. Some time back I published a post on Obama's socialist connections. In it, I referenced Obama's association with and endorsement by the New Party (a socialist fusion group). It has recently come to light that Obama was actually a member of the NP and signed a contract promising to maintain a visible relationship with the group. The proof is a document which was scrubbed from the NP website but was archived by Web archive .org. This document lists Barack Obama as a member of the NP in Illinois.

To my knowledge, Obama has not, as yet, denied the charge, but make no mistake, he will deny it.

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Chuck said...

As I mentioned in my blog today, the S word is showing up more and more with Obama. I am seeing it more in the letters to the editor section of my paper.