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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Peace With Honor?

The fact that the Democratic Party is fully vested an American defeat in Iraq should come as no surprise to anyone who is a student of American history. The Democrats have a long and dishonorable history of capitulation to the enemies of America and its' allies, and a serious distaste for victory in military conflicts.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt sold millions of people in eastern Europe into communist bondage at the Yalta Conference. On Roosevelts' watch, the Soviets took eastern Poland, Moldavia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Albania. Between 12 and 20 million Europeans were murdered and at least 10 million were sent to slave labor camps.

Under President Truman the Soviets took the rest of Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, East Germany, Romania and North Korea. Truman abandoned our ally, Chiang Kai-Shek and supported Mao Zedong. Truman believed that Mao Zedong was an "agrarian reformer". This "agrarian reformer" murdered between 34 and 65 million Chinese.

President Truman fired General Douglas MacArthur over differences on how to conduct the war in South Korea. General MacArthur wanted to win it. Truman's precedent setting policy of non-victory was continued by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. At a point when America could easily have had a victory in the Vietnam conflict, President Kennedy refused to order an invasion of the north. President Johnson escalated the ground war in Vietnam and refused to bomb the North Vietnamese, preferring instead, to have thousands of American soldiers come home in body bags.

When Republican President Richard Nixon brought the communist to their knees with continuous bombings in the north, a truce was finally negotiated in 1973 at the Paris Peace Accords. However, the Democrats were determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Democratic congress took full advantage of the watergate scandal and refused to allow Nixon the wherewithal to enforce the truce. Not surprisingly, the North Vietnamese invaded the South. The Democratic congress continued their policy of abandoning South Vietnam into the Ford administration, and in late 1975, South Vietnam fell to the communists. As a result, 2.5 million innocent people in Indo-China were murdered. The Democrats have long referred to this abandonment of our ally as "peace with honor".

President Carter abandoned our pro-American ally, the Shah of Iran and allowed the Ayatollah Khomeini to take power in Iran. The Ayatollah repaid Carter by allowing a mob of Islamic students to seize 52 Americans and hold them hostage for 444 days, releasing them on the very day on which Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as President. It would seem that the tender ministrations of Democrats only work when a Republican is elected who has threatened to bomb them.

During the Clinton administration there where numerous terror attacks on Americans and U.S. Forces both at home and abroad. Clinton did nothing in response. In addition, Saddam Hussein was thumbing his nose at the United Nations and Clinton gave only lip service to taking action until the day before he was to be impeached by the Congress. Then he ordered air strikes in Iraq. Saddam was undeterred. President Clinton continued the Democratic Party's tradition of capitulation when he coaxed Israel into offering the PLO everything they wanted in the way of concessions, save one; the destruction of Israel. The talks failed.

Since the Iraq war began, the Democrats have been trying to sabotage the effort. Even though they saw the same intelligence reports that the President saw, and, on the basis of that intel, voted in favor of the operation, they insist that the President deceived to them. They have mis-categorized the war in every conceivably heinous way imaginable. They have falsely accused our troops of atrocities. They have insisted we are bogged down, in a quagmire, and that we cannot win. They draw repeated comparisons to the war in Vietnam. An apt comparison indeed. Just as in Vietnam, the Democrats are determined to achieve an American defeat in Iraq and abandon yet another ally. If they are successful, they will no doubt call it 'peace with honor'. There is nothing, whatsoever, honorable about it!


Anonymous said...

I see we have yet another well thought out post by you "The patriot". I can't help but get the feeling you are just a little biased towards the republican party, your affiliation is apparently clear that you're a die hard conservative and republican through and through. When high- lighting Richard Nixon in your post you did little to elaborate on his own shady dealings which lead to his own impeachment. I believe there are two kinds of men in this world: Those who do for themselves and those that do for the greater good. Some would argue that the latter is easily considered "Good Men" but Richard did for himself and you listed him with little to no slander on his actions and highlighted his trigger finger. I commend a commander in chief for pulling the trigger when neccesarry and I believe we are in Irag for good reasons. So I really agree with your entire post save that you did mostly "Democrat bashing" and that may well be what you were aiming for. Just don't forget to do your homework in your next post sir, the republican party has failed before too. I still stand by my idea that, could the parties come together and work to a common goal there would be nothing, no opposing country, and certainly no tyranical dictator that could stop us. One day such a unification will need to come to pass.


Anonymous said...

Um, one question. What sources did this information come from? I highly doubt an american citizen being so "un-informed" as we are would know all of this as common knowledge without doing a bit of digging. However I do have to agree with "Red". Your recent post is quite bias towards the Republican side. Being a student in AP government & politics it is part of our curriculum to be aware of the political tactics of not only our president but congress as well. I am quite confused on how Roosevelt "sold" communism to eastern europe and Asia. It was my understanding that Roosevelt and Truman worked together to combat communism with "containment". I would like to ask you to elaborate more.

-I hate Utah