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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Myth of Bipartisanship

I recently saw a poll online which showed that nearly ninety percent of Americans want the two major parties to work together in a bipartisan way to solve problems in America. I was really surprised by that number. Clearly, the vast majority of Americans do not understand how widely divided the two major parties are ideologically. Probably the only issue in the past year that Republicans and Democrats could agree on is that Michael Vick is a really bad person for running a dog fighting ring and being party to the death of a few dogs.

Americans need to come to an understanding of the fact that for the last fifty years there has been an ideological civil war going on in this country. The battle ground of this war has been the hearts and minds of the American people. There is a 'right' and a 'left', a 'conservative' and a 'liberal', a 'capitalist' and a 'socialist' viewpoint for every single issue, and, they are as far apart as they can be. Bipartisanship can only maintain the status quo. It isn't as if the two parties are trying to get to the same place and are just in a disagreement on how to get there. They are trying to go in opposite directions. Republicans want less government and Democrats want more. Republicans believe in a uninhibited free market economy and Democrats want more government control bordering on socialism. Republicans believe that Americans know better how to spend their own money and Democrats think that the government would do a better job. Republicans believe in supporting America's interests abroad and Democrats seem to be more interested in supporting the interests of our enemies.
Where is the common ground?

In this election season there has been a lot of clamor about change. Americans want change and are sick and tired of the status quo. If Americans want change they need to join the fray. They must stop sitting on the fence. They are going to have to examine the ideologies of both parties and pick a side. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke. It is time to choose!


Anonymous said...

While you make very valid points here to clarify the differences in the two parties. I think you would not be so suprised to have seen that poll had you taken into account the various climatic and evolutionary changes in our world, not just in our country. I admire that you are such a patriot for your country but remember that America is but a continent on a planet with far bigger issues. I won't bore you with babbling on and on about the state of the other third world countries or throw at you theories as to the end of the world. I just want to point out that as a common unregistered american voter, I can relate with the people who took that survey and came to the conclusion that both parties should work together. They want change like there has never been, they want progress like there has never been, and in all our short history on this earth, only when two enemies came together to solve a common problem has that problem truely went away. I have an example but it't not a great one, hope it illustrates the point: The American forces working together in treaty with Stalin during WWII. Two enemies, worked together, both viewed the other nation and its leader as dispicable people but they achieved common ground against a larger enemy both feared: The Nazi. The youth of america, my peers, we have little to no faith in our government and its political system. Thats why we dont register, thats why we often don't pour over the facts before voting for democrat or republican. I am sure you find this a scary thought that we will be the leaders of this country when you pass on. I will even admit I find it unsettling but I share their view as well. I probably will not vote this coming election because my first choice backed down, Mitt Romney, and I only really liked him because he was so damn charismatic. That is no reason to like a person and elect them to be president. That lead me to think further of the other canidates and what they stood for. This lead me even futher to the notion that they can and most likely are lying about everything they have said in any number of their debates. One wants Change, another wants to put the Clinton name back in the White House and answer the "Red Phone" at 3am. How can I trust these people? Won't they just do what their previous party leaders have done? McCain, John McCain is a republican with liberal views. He's the closest thing to the two parties working together. Will he win the popular vote? not likely. It's a shame too because he might actually do the thing that the americans in the poll you viewed are wishing for. Not a mix of ideals and wants of the two parties, but a cooperation as there has never been seen before. How irritating is it to know that there is progress to be made but no way to do it because the house is divided, the congress can't push the bill, and the president vetos whatever does pass congress. And why does this happen? Politics they say. They say its because it would be against what the party wants or their closeminded views as a democrat or hometown hero ideals of a republican kept them from passing the bill or enforcing the change. Irritating and stupid. Your blog sir is thought provoking and opinionated and reflects your views. I hope that you have enjoyed my rant and see my point of view of the young and undecided. This nation can not exist much longer fighting itself because John nobody is Republican and Jim over there is a Democrat. Both parties in my opinion have alot wrong with them. I have been and always will be an "Independent". I hope to see what your next post has in store for us.

You can call me "Red" if you wish, for I am and will be Anonymous.

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