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Friday, November 20, 2009

Pray for Obama, Psalms 109:8

The left is going nuts over a T-shirt that reads; "Pray for Obama, Psalms 109:8." So what's the problem? When you look up the passage, the full import of the message becomes clear;....or maybe not. It depends upon whether the reader is a Democrat, or a Republican.

Jason Linkins at the Huffington Post writes of the shirt;

"And Psalm 109:8 is just straight up memetastic, appearing on bumper stickers and T-shirts, all of which carry the benign sounding message, 'Pray For Obama.' But, as Gawker's John Cook points out, this is just one more in a 'long line of cheekily coded Obama death threats.' The verse in question reads: 'May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.' That leads fairly naturally into the Psalm 109:9, 'May his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.' You know, in case you miss the point."

He goes on to quote fellow 'huffer' Frank Schaeffer, who seems to views the shirt as a reflection of every sinister right wing thought imaginable.

"It's un-American. It's unpatriotic. And it goes to show that the religious right, the Republican far right have coalesced into a group who truly want American revolution. If it turns out to be blood in the streets and death, so be it. It's not funny stuff anymore. They cannot be dismissed as just crazies on the fringe. It only takes one. You know, look at the Boston Globe article from a few weeks ago that says the threat level faced by the Secret Service has gone up 400%, higher than any other time in 52 years, for any president, Democrat or Republican. These are no jokes."

At least Schaeffer is right about one thing, there are plenty of us, myself included, who want this government reigned back within it's Constitutional parameters, and believe that the only way that is going to realistically happen is with another American revolution.

All of this paranoid hoopla was started by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

The fact of the matter is that, taken at face value, the shirt is no more sinister than the numerous Bush countdown clocks that graced the pages of various left wing blogs during the Bush administration. Only verse 8 of Psalms 109 is referenced, not verse 9. It is only the desire of the left to demonize the right which compels them to make more of it than it is. What is really interesting is that the left is never at a loss to accuse the right of that which the left is very often clearly guilty. Take for example this shirt.

The shirt reads: "For Gods Sake ....KILL BUSH. Save the United States and the Rest of the World."

Or, how about a good old fashioned 'wanted poster'.

The left has been quick to point out the threating messages displayed on posters and signs carried by 'tea party' goers. They of course, are choosing to engage in their own particular from of partisan selective memory, as the following images clearly attest.

The next image is what appears to be a sheet of postage stamps featuring President Bush with a gun pointed at his head, and was displayed in an art gallery exhibit at Columbia College in Chicago.

The Bible is a wealth of sound council for every need of the human condition, including, determining which way to lean politically.

"A wise man's heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man's heart directs him toward the left." - Ecclesiastes 10:2


Sandee said...

They forget real easy don't they. I don't see any difference in the two approaches. Not a bit. It won't stop either.

Have a terrific day. :)

dickster1961 said...

great research. they do have short memories don't they, but they are the elite and much more sophisticated than the rest of us common folk

Windroot said...

So your position would be two wrongs do indeed make a right (no pun intended). I am perfectly happy to concede there are knuckleheads on both sides; the question is whether we encourage them or condemn them. I'll cheerfully (and sincerely) condemn all those blockheads who wanted Bush dead if you agree that we should all know better.

Sandee said...

I have an AWARD for you. Participation is not mandatory though. :)

VH said...

Great post! The Left LOVES to revel in the first amendment when they are dishing out the pain but when the tables are turned, the squealing begins.

Internation Musing said...

Both sides make big mistakes. I never was a Bush fan, but I don't adore Obama either. The really threat lies in Islam. Read here a shocking story (everything goes behind close doors) but now it appears in many newspapers:

Rob said...

I wonder if the Huffington Post writers made any mention of those negative Bush posters back at the time, or if that was them out carrying those posters?

Z said...

one of the best posts I've read in ages, Patriot.. VERY well done.

The irony seems to only escape the Left, oddly enough :-)

Aldon Hynes said...

You're absolutely right. The extremist nutcases on the left that called for Bush's assassination are just as unChristian, unpatriotic and antiAmerican as the extremist nutcases on the right that wear "Pray for Obama, Psalm 109:8" T-shirts.

As Patriotic Americans and Faithful Christians, we should condemn such hate on both sides.

Sandy said...

Praying for someone is nice; but when praying for someone's death it's not really appropriate regardless of which side you support. It's extreme and it's wrong. The extremists on both sides are no better than the terrorist Bush said we were fighting (after he was proved wrong about weapons of mass destruction).

The good people on both sides need to shut up these dangerous fringe people who obviously care nothing about the good of country, regardless of who's in the oval office. The fringe people are dangerous; they are wrong, and they are in my opinion and that of many moderate thinking Americans nut jobs.


soft said...

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TOP GAMES said...

Let's we still Pray for a better life for the future, say no to WAR, and keep peace to the world!

Kirk Petersen said...

The HuffPoster overreached by calling the T-shirt a "cheekily coded Obama death THREAT"; it's more like a death WISH. Leaving out the more explicit verse 9 is just a figleaf -- by citing verse 8, the shirt designer is clearly praying for Obama's death. I proudly voted for John McCain, but I call "foul."

The fact that there were offensive death wishes and Naziism allegations against President Bush as well does not excuse treating another President the same way.

I'm surprised by the ability of some people to discount the evidence before their very eyes. I posted a link to many of the same photos on the blog of a liberal whom I in many ways admire, simply trying to make the point that there are loonies on both sides. She said they all could have been Photoshopped -- she hadn't seen mainstream media reports of Bush death threats at demonstrations, and refused to believe that they had happened.

Anybody who has spent hours Photoshopping an (unconvincing) fake picture knows that the dozens of Bush death-wish photos are not ALL fake.

Pierce Randall said...

So does the writer of this piece support praying or hoping for all Presidents to die, or do they think praying for Obama to die is, in fact, wrong?

Maybe the question is whether this is wrong, and then, also, is it a troubling trend? Anyone might agree that it's wrong, but the thrust here, I guess, is that it's not a troubling trend, because it's not different than what the other side did before. Well, only a small fraction of people who really hated Bush called for him to die. So we'll see how many people buy these bumper stickers--that might tell us how troubling of a trend this about Obama.

The Secret Service, I believe, reported that the number of death threats sent to the White House against Obama are three times higher than they were against Bush.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Another shining example of the hypocrisy of many on the Left. I don't necessarily agree with this tactic, but it really does highlight which side really is the ideology of HATE.

Anonymous said...

You dont have to be a Genius to understand that no american should talk about killing their president. Both parties are wrong. Only kids are confused about "two wrongs not making a right."