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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Democrats Demanding R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Liberals in the state run media and on the web are all abuzz about the behavior of the Republicans during the Polarizer in Chief's speech last evening. Danielle Belton had this to say on her blog;

"Much of the Republican side of Congress sat through the speech grumpily looking like sad rabbits, sitting on their hands. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, Blackberry in hand, texted throughout the speech. Some Republicans waved papers at the president. One Joe Wilson of South Carolina took it a disrespectful step further by actually shouting out "You lie!" at the president after Obama said the healthcare plan would not cover illegal immigrants. That was shocking in the sense that it is rare for a politician to directly call another politician a liar to their face, but it was a dangerous precedent in that Wilson did this during a joint session of congress to the President of the United States while he was speaking......it was an pretty big sign of disrespect to the office of the president."

In was Democrats who first broke the disrespect barrier in 2005 when, during President Bush's State of the Union speech, house Democrats shouted "No!" and booed the President.

Joe Wilson (R-SC) called the White House to apologize for calling the President a liar, but was he right? Well, technically, no. Persons receiving benefits under HR 3200 "must be lawfully present in a state in the United States.” However, on principle, Wilson is correct. Hr 3200 contains no provision for verification of the legal status of any recipients. The Democrats are leaving the door open for illegals to obtain benefits, while honestly being able to say that language in the legislation itself prohibits it. The Patriot Page stands behind Rep. Wilson's assertion that the President lied on this issue.

As to the other perceived inappropriate behavior exhibited by Republicans during the speech, it really could have been worse, and if the Democrats continue to follow their current course, it will be. Personally, I would have paid good money to see every Republican in that chamber stand up, fold their arms, and turn their backs on the President; and remain in that position for the duration of the speech.


Check out the racist comments of MSNBC's David Shuster Thursday night;

Hat Tip: Black & Right


Greg said...

Tank you for remembering the disrespect the Democrats showed to Bush..I'd completely forgot about that..

Sandy said...

So while you talk about something that you think happened x number of years ago, people die because they have no coverage. Our birth rate plummets below those of other countries, our friends, neighbors and co-workers have no insurance. And you feel good about gloating about this?

4 months ago as my mother laid dying in the hospital, her body gone; but her mind still active. The most important thing on her mind was Daddy going into the poor house because of her ill health and she knew her insurance was coming to an end. I pray you have money burried for those times. Because it was beyond hell for me and mine.

Walk out, turn your back...thats pathetic at best. This is a very serious topic, one that desperately needs to be resolved. But, draw that line in the sand and rememeber it, cause that D or R will be really be meaningful to you as you watch you love one die and wonder how things will be paid.

You've obviously never been through such a crisis.

How lucky for you.

Harrison said...

How quickly they want us to forget their bad behavior. Excellent post.

da patriot said...

Sandy, all of the problems you just mentioned will not be helped by government intervention. In fact it will be much, much worse.I am thinking of my future and the future of all Americans. When ever government gets involved, it creates more problems than it solves. Do not insult everybody's intelligence by suggesting that in this case, only government can solve the problem.

Laane said...

Well, it seems people haven't learned anything since pres. Bush.

It makes me mad that replublicans respresent our (the Dutch) health and insurance system as a big killer just to serve their wish to prevent changes.
I can tell you that the system in The Netherlands enables everyone to see the doctor they need and to get the treatment they need.
Mammograms, papsmears etc etc. No mother has to chose between healthcare for her children and herself.
Everyone has basic insurance. Everyone!

Misrepresentation is a political crime, but since Obama is president republicans have changed it into a political virtue, it seems.
It's disgusting to see that under Bush people who didn't vote for him were told to stand behind their president. Those who didn't were targetted by the public.

Now a democrat is president things have changed.
It looks like republicans make their own social laws that fit themselves best.

In fact, they want a world that fits themselves best. Solidarity is not a word that can be found in their dictionary.
It's a disgrace to withold people care.
The way illegal immigrants are hated is certainly non-christian. To keep them away from all medical care is unbelievable!!

I see that most republicans who speak out in the media are not willing to make changes for the best of the USA.
They only want those changes wihich are best for themselves.

But remember, when you won't enable the poor to have a decent life it's like not caring for a gangrene leg. When you lose it, you won't be able to walk properly anymore.

da patriot said...

Looks like everyone wants to pull out the soap box.

Laane, I do not know anything about the Dutch medical system, nor do I care. This is America! We believe that reaching into your own pocket to help those in need is praise worthy. Reaching into somebody else's pocket to help those in need is criminal. It is really that simple. It is not the governments job to decide who needs help, then mandate that I have to help them. Christian charity is only such when it is voluntary, when it is forced, it is tyranny.

It is ironic that you feel that you are in any position the lecture Americans on our attitudes toward immigrants. Your country's open door policy toward immigrants has place you all in serious peril. Most Dutch are starting to wake up to that fact. I hope that it is not to late.

AdviceMaven said...

President Bush received very little respect from democrats and the press. I don't agree with what Wilson did, but there is no doubt that this type of behavior was celebrated when it was aimed at Bush.

I'm not sure if I'm more concerned about the possibility of this massive, bureaucratic health care system or the fact that our enemies are all building nukes while we're busy debating healthcare. Very scary.

Roschelle said...

I don't think any disrespect that was aimed at Bush was ever condoned. And it never should be. Still, the boos and paper rustling that Bush received back in 05 don't hold a candle to the disrespect Wilson showed while seated in Congress being addressed by the President of the United States. Like him or not..he is the President and that office itself should command respect

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Interesting post and commentary. I have known Joe Wilson for 39 years and just posted some thoughts about his outburst on one of my blogs. It's at http://www.lipstickelection.blogspot.com.

Sandee said...

They look just like the commentator, except the republicans have brains.

Have a terrific day. :)