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Friday, August 14, 2009

Camelot is Burning

President Obama held the second of three planned Town Hall meetings today in Belgrade, MT. Just as in the first town hall style meeting in NH, Obama bravely faced a throng of largely adoring Obamaites and soft ball questions. Despite the concerns over so called 'health care misconceptions' and lagging poll numbers, he who has been dubbed the 'master communicator' continues to spout the same old rhetoric, but expecting a different response.

Barely seven months into this administration, Camelot (Take Three) is in real trouble. The Democrats are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They have run every play in the Rules for Radicals playbook and they are still losing ground. And it is precious ground. You see, Health Care Reform has never been about improving the quality, cost, or availability of health care for Americans. It has been about power. It is the center piece of the Democrats plans to cement themselves in power by forcing us all into dependency upon our government. Democrats hate it when conservatives point out that a government big enough to give you all that you need, is big enough to take away all that it has a want to. They hate it because the simple truth contained there in, is exactly what they have been slowly and stealthily working toward all these years.

But, the Democrats find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Whenever the right has mustered themselves to grassroots activism, the left has been able to demonize them and beat them down. But, not this time. The ground swell of dissension has swept the nation. It began with the Tea Parties, which were dismissed as pure 'racism straight up'. Through TARP, the bailouts, the appointment of a tax cheat to the office of Treasury Secretary, the stimulus bill, cap and tax, cash-for-clunkers, and now, the health care reform act; millions of Americans have flooded their Representatives with phone calls, e-mails, and letters voicing their extreme displeasure. Democratic law makers, who view their commitment to the quest for power above their duty to the people and the Constitution; dismissed, ignored, and demonized patriotic Americans concerned for the future of the Republic.

The people were left with but one choice, to confront their Democratic Representatives and Senators face to face. The Democrats, who are never at a loss for self delusion, have failed to realize that the monster that they now face is one of their own creation. All of their efforts to stem the tide of dissent have served only to enrage and encourage the opposition. Being morally obtuse, as all tyrants are, Obama has begun a campaign of passive intimidation. But, make no mistake, it's passive nature is but temporary.

We must not fool ourselves. The fight we have begun will not be over with the next election, or the one after that. Remember Michelle Obama's words, "Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed." We must think of her words as eerily prophetic.

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