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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The PUMA! Your Tax Dollars at Work!

In 1933, Adolf Hitler met with Ferdinand Porsche to discuss his ideas for a high mileage, low cost, vehicle which would be the 'people's car'. Hitler wanted to rebuild Germany into a vibrant nation where all could enjoy the conveniences of modern life and every citizen could own a car. Since, one in five Americans owned a car while only one in fifty Germans could afford one, this project was of great importance to Hitler. The 'people's car' which Hitler had envisioned we all recognize as the VW Beetle.

To facilitate the ability of the German people to afford these cars and to produce the capital needed to build the factory, Hitler came up with the idea of a repayment plan where German workers could put aside five reichmarks a week into an account held by the government. By the time the factory was operating, their car would be paid for. In addition, each of these savers would get two years of free auto insurance, gas, and maintenance as well!

In all, 350,000 Germans participated in this program and saved an estimated $67 million toward the purchase of a new "Volksauto". None of them ever received a single car.

It was not till after the end of WWII that the British placed Heinrich Nordhoff, the former head of the Opel Car Company in charge of Volkswagen. Using the original designs blueprints, Nordhoff was very successful, and by 1948 there were 20,000 VW's on the roads of postwar Europe.

Fast forward to 2009.
The Dear Leader, our Community Organizer in Chief, B. Hussein Obama, has strong armed his way into pulling the strings at General Motors with our tax dollars. Now we have a new concept car by GM just as revolutionary as the VW was in 1933. Project P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility), a joint GM/Segway venture, was unveiled today.
"GM and Segway are developing an electrically powered, two-seat prototype vehicle that has only two wheels. It could allow people to travel around cities more quickly, safely, quietly and cleanly - and at a lower total cost. The vehicle also enables design creativity, fashion, fun and social networking."

Top speed of this industry saving POS? A whopping 35 mph!
Ok, stop rolling on the floor laughing your 'you know what' off! This is serious stuff they are doing over at GM. I mean, they got MBA's and MEng's working on this thing with our tax dollars. This has to be answer to GM's viability, right!
Besides, once the socialists have succeeded in cementing themselves in power, this could very well be your new 'party approved' vehicle. So get used to it!


Larry T. Durham said...

Hells bells, the puma makes the Bug look like a rolls.

I appreciate the fascist comparison. All Barry needs is a goosestep and that cheezy little Hitler mustache...he's got the rest of the schtick down pat.

Leslie said...

Excellent post and tie in to history! We need more posts like this. We need people to know the things that happened in the past, the dangerous things, and how we are repeating them!

With that said: that is the most ridiculous "vehicle" I have ever seen. What about us very tall people? I don't see any leg room in that thing. What about the mom with four kids? How do you fit car seats in that thing? What about grocery shopping? What about vacations? Oh wait, we will all be so broke from paying taxes that everyone will just stay home...

Thanks for posting this!