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Monday, September 29, 2008

Pelosi Plays Politics and Loses

The 700 billion dollar bailout bill went to the House floor for a vote today. It was expected to pass, although narrowly. But prior to the vote Nancy Pelosi, the most mentally challenged House speaker in American legislative history, went to the House floor to play politics. Here is the video of what she said.

The vote failed to pass the bill 228 to 205. Twelve Republicans who were expected to vote in favor of the measure flipped and voted against it. In the aftermath of the vote Democrats continued to play the blame game and excoriated the 12 Republicans who had flipped because their "feelings were hurt". This, dispite the fact that Democrats could have passed the measure by themselves if it were not for the fact that 95 Democrats voted against it as well.

Republican Rep. Mike Pence had this to say;

“Today Congress took a stand for the American taxpayer and free markets. The American people rejected this corporate bailout and today the People’s House did likewise.
“It is now imperative that Congress come together and develop a response to the crisis facing our financial markets that reflects the American people’s belief in personal responsibility and fiscal discipline.
“There are alternatives to the massive federal bailout that Congress rejected. I look forward to working with my colleagues in both parties to develop a response to this crisis that puts taxpayers first and preserves the essential freedom of the American marketplace.”

But, where was the Messiah, the crowned prince of change, Barack Obama? Was he in Washington trying to get support from the other 95 Democrats that were not on board? Did he offer any suggestions which might make for a more palatable bill, both to the American people or his colleagues in the House? Did he even make public his feeling about the bill and how he intended to vote on it? None of the above! He was out on the stump polishing his phony Presidential Seal.


Chuck said...

I think Obama could be the real loser in all of this. More importantly, McCain could just about wrap up this campaign if he would just DO SOMETHING. A little leadership right now will go a long way.

da patriot said...

I totally agree with both points, Chuck. The one in the position to be the big winner in this mess is John McCain if he will only play this right. He could take a whole lot of the mojo out of Obama's campaign if McCain starts hammering Obama on the fact that, under the current circumstances, all of the expensive promises that Obama is making to the American people are no longer affordable, and what Washington really must have right now is a fiscal conservative.

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