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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Strange Bed Fellows

In the previous post, Liberal anti-Semitism, Chuck from Chuck Thinks Right, brought up a valid point with this comment;

"I have always been puzzled by the level of anti-Semitism on the left. It could be the religion issue, but this does not explain why they tend to defend Muslims."

The fact that Liberals defend and, at least tacitly, support the Islamo-fascists is very evident. Even the top two contenders for the Democratic party's presidential nomination have both supported Muslim fundamentalists groups. Obama had to fire an advisor, Robert Malley, after it became public that Malley was meeting with Hamas leaders. There is also the matter of Obama's relationship with the pro-Palestinian, terrorist sympathizer, Rashid Khalidi. Hillary Clinton's associations with Islamo-fascists goes back to the 1980's. The alliance between Liberals and terrorist is a mutual one. Hamas endorsed Obama. So what is with these strange bedfellows? Why would one of America's two major political parties ally itself with America's enemy? You can put the answer on a bumper sticker.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Ironically, this is an old Arabian proverb. If you think about it makes sense. Liberals and Muslim fundamentalists have a great deal in common.

They both hate Zionism.
They both hate George W. Bush.
They both hate the 'war on terror'.
They both hate America's interest in Mideast oil.
They both oppose the war in Iraq.
They both hate the restrictions imposed by the 'Patriot Act."
They both have a profoundly negative message.
They both believe that it is America's freedoms which promote America's immorality.
They both have common enemies, namely the United States (as it is currently constituted) and Israel.

So what is the 'quid pro quo'? What is each of them getting out of this unofficial, unannounced alliance? The Isamo-fascists see clear advantages to an America led by the Democratic party, not the least of which is a weaker, less vigilant America. The Democrats would secretly like terrorism to be a greater threat. An environment in which Americans would be all to willing to trade liberties for security is a Leftists dream.

Democrats always get bent out of shape when anyone suggests that they may be less than patriotic. Just once I would like to hear someone respond, " Oh, how clumsy of me! I really did not mean to question your patriotism, I meant to accuse you of treason!"


Chuck said...

Thanks for the mention. Good read.

It is puzzling why the libs tend to support Islamo-facist. As you have said in your post, it is easy to see why the terrorists prefer ems in power, it gives them a much easier time.

I really don't see the Dem angle thouugh. It is there too, the Dems have practically had to wait in line to meet with terrorist leaders, Pelosi, Carter, Clinton officials, Jesse Jackson, and on and on and on.

da patriot said...

Thanks for the visit and your are very welcome for the mention.

To be sure, it is an unequal alliance. The Democrats have more to lose than they will gain in the final analysis. They have gotten into bed will a wild animal whose appetite will never be satisfied. I never said it was rational, after all what is rational when we are talking about Liberalism.